Serving Up Custom Creations.

Why custom? Because solutions that are catered to your specific needs not only ensure more productive workers, but a distinct competitive advantage that helps you recruit and retain the best workers. Like so many longstanding industries, workforce housing has a number of levels and options from which to choose, from repurposed storage containers to dedicated “hotels” built on site. But most of these solutions don’t provide you with advantages that turn into less downtime and more profits. You know how fast word-of-mouth travels in any industry. Let WorkForce Hospitality design, construct and manage a custom solution for your lodging and foodservice needs. So the establishment everyone else’s staff is talking about will be yours.

The difference is in the Workforce Hospitality process.
“The main thing to do is relax and let your talent do the work.”

—Charles Barkley


The WorkForce Hospitality Process

It’s pretty simple how each project starts, with a detailed discussion on exactly what you have to work with and what you would love to accomplish with your new accommodations. Once we know how far we can take things, or unique options you want to consider, we set our design/build team on the task of cooking up a number of options to meet your needs. Then, once plans have been selected, we engage our turnkey construction, foodservice and management resources to serve it up in no time. You’ll savor having complete confidence throughout the project, knowing our experienced network is all under ONE company that knows how to get things done right.

Step 1: Study

WorkForce Hospitality was specifically launched to help companies maximize the return on their workforce housing and foodservice investments. Therefore, we study customer needs, location challenges and opportunities, and workforce requirements—and our library of experience on how best to bring unique solutions to the table that set you apart.

Step 2: Finance

Before proceeding to the next phase, we ensure to discuss all financial, management and ownership options so the rest of the process can run as efficiently and on-target as possible. Considerations in this phase include full or partial ownership, lease options, lodging and foodservice management roles, and the like. By getting these clearly finalized and communicated, we ensure there are no future surprises or unnecessary recommendations.

Step 3: Design

Once parameters and analysis are in place, WorkForce Hospitality creates a custom, satisfying workforce housing and foodservice solution to meet your needs. During this phase, we always think big and build in efficiency later. We’ve learned it’s critical to put yourself in the consumer’s mindset and continually ask, “What would make this an even better place to live?” By brainstorming answers to this question, we strive to make each development the current benchmark for quality, comfortable living.

Step 4: Build

Once you’ve chosen what you want, our vertically-integrated network immediately gets cooking. Over the past decade alone, Zimmerman Properties Construction, LLC has served as general contractor on more than 50 single-family subdivisions, multi-family housing complexes and senior living communities. And, now with WorkForce Hospitality, a growing collection of innovative, premium oilfield lodging communities.

Step 5: Management

Beyond our expertise in construction management for thousands of units, entailing responsibility for hundreds of millions of dollars in construction costs, we’ve built our firm’s reputation on a comprehensive approach—developing, building, owning and maintaining affordable housing with a view toward creating communities, even if they’re temporary. With WorkForce Hospitality, we are available to not only manage the construction phases, but can also provide long-term management of lodging and foodservice operations. Zimmerman’s vast experience helps demonstrate the confidence we’ve helped instill in those who rely on us for superior outcomes.