WorkForce Hospitality designs comfortable living spaces for every man camp.



We offer quality amenities, like private bathrooms that help with employee retention and recruitment.

Made-To-Order Man Camps.

Whether it’s more comfortable living spaces, valued amenities like private bathrooms for all workers, or premium, unique dining options for your employees, WorkForce Hospitality is ready to deliver a one-of-a-kind, made-to-order man camps to your location.


Every real estate development has its challenges, largely dictated by available budgets and, well, real estate. Each location is different, including geography, climate and other considerations. But the ultimate goal is make sure after a long day, or a long week, your workers can rest comfortably. The entire design/build team at WorkForce Hospitality has this goal in mind, attempting to design floor plans that maximize sleeping areas, storage and bathrooms. Every little investment ensuring your staff can sleep and live well returns to your operation daily.


Beyond living spaces, one of the biggest recent advancements in workforce housing and man camps is the increase in meaningful amenities. These not only increase worker satisfaction while on your payroll, but definitely help attract the attention of future employees. WorkForce Hospitality will always be aggressive in recommending unique amenities for every project, including movie theaters, satellite TV service, gaming options, libraries, expanded laundry facilities and outside entertainment options.


WorkForce Hospitality can include a full array of food preparation facilities, and help manage the entire process turnkey. Whether you only want basic or limited foodservice, on-site grocery store, cafeteria-style, or premium dining options, or all of the above, rest assured we can not only serve up exactly what you’ve ordered, but ensure nothing additional is put on your plate.


The foundation of our success at Zimmerman Properties and WorkForce Hospitality is always going to be confident, timely, and complete management of the entire process—or at least as far as you want us to take it. From the moment you engage us to start a project we will be in full control of every detail. With more than a hundred projects and thousands of units successfully running across the US, we have the experience, network and resources to make what needs to happen always happen—on time and on budget.